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Dorothy Stewart (Writer)

Dorothy Stewart

Hello good people! This is Dorothy Stewart, having 13 years of experience in the home sector. I was started my first job as a writer in the home improvement column for a magazine. For several years, I had worked with some of the interiors design company which gave me a bright knowledge about home products. Along with the job I have been working as a freelance writer for a lot of magazines. Since I am passionate about home products from my childhood I love to keep myself updated about any new home products. Whatever knowledge I gather from my research I devote myself to share the knowledge with the people. 

Wanda Lopez (Writer)

Wanda Lopez

I have been working for 12 years in the home sectors and spending much of my time as a writer and editor of Homebuilding & Renovating magazines. I love to collect information about new home furniture and how they have made what are the new technology has been used for making the new product. I was a home product reviewer of a company. Through working with them I got a better understanding of the quality of different kinds of home products. l love to research new home products for getting a clear overview of that particular product. The experience I got from my research I love to share this knowledge with the people who are interested in the same product.

Anthony Shadrick (Editor)

Anthony Shadrick

My first job was started as a writer for a magazine in the column of home product review. From then I have worked for a lot of magazines over the years before working as a home editor on Your Home and Family Circle magazines. After that, I started to work as an associate editor for Ideal Home magazine. Throughout all the years of experience which had been almost 15 years. I have developed a skill for scrutinizing the quality and design of any home products. I believe this expertise helps the people for a better understanding of any home products.