Best Daybeds for Adults – Space Saving Sleepover

Updated On: February 19, 2021

Do you ever wonder how the best daybeds for adults can be of tremendous help for a slumber party at home? Well, we all know that a daybed is a piece of functional furniture that is popular for making extra space at home. But the problem is that all the daybeds are not made for adults. Most of the daybeds fulfill the kids’ requirements. It’s often a great confusion that which daybed will be most fitted for the adults. This article is going to wipe out all of your confusion about adult daybeds.

Best Daybed For Adults

How to Choose Best Daybeds for Adults:

However, there are some factors to know to choose the daybeds for adults. Generally, the weight limit is the main factor while choosing the daybed for adults. Almost all daybed manual the company mentions that how much weight can hold up the daybed. Let’s see some of the factors you should know before buying an adult daybed.

Weight Limit

As I already have mentioned that weight limit is an important factor while choosing a daybed for adults. Ordinally, a daybed that can hold 200 Ibs to 600 Ibs is the right daybed for adults. Look into the weight limit before buying the daybed.


The size of the daybed is also an important factor. For one adult person, a twin-size daybed is perfect. However, if you want to buy a daybed for more than one person then you should go for the best full-size daybed, queen-size daybed, or king-size daybed.


The materials of the daybed as important as the weight limit. Basically, the weight limit depends on the quality of the materials. Good quality materials always can hold a good amount of weight. Before buying the daybed inspect the materials properly.

Best Daybeds For Adults Reviews Based On My Research

By considering all of the factors I have been searching for some of the best daybeds for adults. After thorough research, I have selected 10 best daybeds for the adults. And I am happy to let you know that all of these daybeds have met the above criteria. Let’s find out the details of these 10 adult daybeds.

DHP Victoria Daybed For Adults

This is a solid metal frame daybed which doesn’t squeak at all. This daybed is just broken all the misconceptions on the metal frames that it squeaks.

  • Available in twin and full size
  • Four colors available
  • Reasonable price
  • Weight Limit starts from 400Ibs
  • Twin Size: 77.5” L x 41” W x 46.5” H
  • Full Size: 77.5” L x 56.5” Wx 46.5” H

Design: The manufacturer just pulls out the contemporary design nicely from the metal structure. The gorgeous layout of this daybed is enough to make the first impression when you look at it. Moreover, you will find simplicity in the body. The round shape three sides rails enclose the main bed.

Extra Space: Apart from sleeping, the daybed can meet the requirements of the sofa. If you put some cushions in the back three people can easily seat their with comfortability by supporting their back. Moreover, the round shape left and right rails will allow you to put hands while seating. The daybed has enough space under the main bed. You can easily store your important stuff there.

Mattress/Cushions: The mattress depends on the size of the daybed. The daybed has two sizes full size and twin size. Twin size and full-size mattresses should be perfect for both sizes. However, a standard full-size mattress which is 74” to 75” long and 37.5” to 38.5” wide will be the perfect fit for the full-size daybed.

The same length twin size mattress will need for the twin size daybed as well. Keep in mind that mattresses and cushions are not included with the daybed. You need to buy them separately.

Quality: The solid metal is always a good quality material because of its sturdiness and long-lasting. The main body of this daybed is supported by four metal legs. The metal legs are sturdy enough that it won’t allow the daybed to squeak. Moreover, the main bed is constructed with metal slats so the box spring is not required for the mattress.

Opinion: The design, quality, versatility, weight limit, and different colors all of these features make this daybed a perfect daybed for adults. It deserves to be in your choice lists. For example, if you have a white color background at the house where you will put the daybed then the white color of this daybed will blend perfectly.

Dorel Living Solid Wood Daybed For Adults

The Dorel Living Kayden Daybed is a well-made solid wood frame daybed with having plenty of room underneath. The frame is espresso colored.

  • Wooden manufactured
  • Wooden slats in the main bed
  • Weight limit starts from 225lbs
  • Twin size
  • Dimensions: 77.2” L x 42.2” W x 34” H

Design: You can call this daybed a state-of-the-art by looking at the layout and overall look of this daybed. Most importantly, the clean lines over the wood with an alluring finish pulls out the best version of itself. The espresso-colored finishing makes this daybed to be synthesized with almost any decor of the home.

Extra Space: The daybed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can meet the requirements of both seating and sleeping. One adult person can easily sleep in this daybed. If the daybed needs to serve the purpose of the sofa then three people can easily seat at a time.

Moreover, under the main bed, it has plenty of rooms so that you can store your necessary stuff. However, with the pop-up trundle it could be the best daybed with pop-up trundle thus it will make an extra sleeping space. Keep in mind that the popup trundle is not included with the daybed it is sold separately.

Mattress: Since this a twin size daybed so you need to purchase a standard twin size mattress for this daybed. It is recommended that a twin size mattress which is 74” L x 38” W x 6” H will be fitted in the daybed perfectly. You can place the mattress in the bed without a box spring as the main bed is made of several wood slats. Moreover, your mattress will be fresh and long-lasting since the air will be circulated through the gap between slats.

Quality: The whole body frame is constructed from solid wood not like plywood or other versions of wood. The sophisticated construction makes this daybed more sturdy. All of the screws of this daybed are angled and countersunk. So there will be no creaking sounds when you put weight on it. Overall the materials of the daybed are of high quality.

Opinion: This daybed could be a good choice for a single adult person. According to the manual of this daybed, it can hold 225Ibs weight or a little bit more. Moreover, if you are a lover of espresso color then this piece definitely grabs your attention.

Zinus Marie Split-Rail Twin Daybed Frame For Adult

The Zinus furniture is very popular for making a sturdy metal frame daybed. Zinus furniture brings this daybed with stylish and space-saving features.

  • Space-saving
  • Steel slat support
  • Weight limit 225Ibs plus
  • Metal frame
  • Dimensions: 77” L x 39” W x 28” H

Design: The daybed has a very simple but stylish design with a space-saving feature. The split-rail makes this daybed more accessible and open. The rails are a square shape having two layers. The gorgeous daybed comes in black color. The metals have finished with black color. Four metal legs support the full body of the daybed.

Extra Space: Who doesn’t want to use their daybed as a sofa when needed? Well, the construction of this daybed will allow you to use it as a sofa along with the sleeping. There is one thing to know that only one adult person can sleep in this daybed as this is a twin size daybed. However, three people can easily seat while using it as a sofa.

Moreover, you can buy a popup trundle if you need more space. Though the trundle is not included with the daybed. You can keep the trundle under the main bed as it has enough space there.

Mattress: Like all other twin size daybed it needs a standard twin size mattress. The main bed of this daybed is made of premium steel slats so the mattress will be fitted perfectly without any additional foundation. To avoid mattress slide over you need to choose a perfect height mattress.

Quality: The metal body frame is very sturdy and long-lasting. It can hold more than 225Ibs weight. The body will not make any noise when you will move since every joint of this daybed is attached with screw very tightly. Moreover, the four metal legs are enough strong to keep the daybed steady.

Opinion: From my point of view this daybed is very sturdy because of its organized joints. One adult person can easily sleep in this daybed as this is a twin size daybed. If you are looking for a sturdy metal frame daybed with affordable price then my suggestion is to keep this daybed in your priority list.

DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered Elderly Daybed

The DHP Franklin daybed is the 1950s upholstered style daybed. The daybed is best suited for the people who love to have mid-century furniture in their home.

  • Two style linen and velvet
  • Two size twin and full size
  • Available in five colors
  • Weight Limit 450Ibs
  • Full size: 78” L x 56.5” W x 33” H
  • Twin size: 78” L x 41.5” W x 33” H

Design: The daybed has followed the 1950s style for the construction of this daybed. The grey upholstery is the most attractive part of this daybed. The full daybed is standing upon four slim wooden feet. Three-sided straight line enclosed the main bed of this daybed. Moreover, the design is perfect to blend with any interior design.

Extra space: This DHP Franklin daybed has two sizes; twin and full size. One of the great advantages of this daybed is that multifunctionality. Anytime you can use this daybed as a sofa. Moreover, you can use this daybed as a guest bed or teen bed. The full-size daybed weight limit is 450lbs means easily two people can sleep in the daybed. Under the main bed, it has enough space to store your essential stuff.

Mattress: The size of the mattress is as usual. A standard full-size best daybed mattress required for the full size and a standard twin size mattress is required for the twin size daybed. The wooden slat in the main bed will allow you to keep the mattress gently. The space between every single slat allows the air to circulate through the mattress. So they will fresh and long-lasting.

Quality: The sturdy metal construction allows this daybed for long-lasting. The normal weight limit for this daybed is 450lbs. Under the main bed, there is one metal leg which keeps the bed more steady. So there will be no squeaky sound while sleeping or moving in the bed. The high-quality linen and velvet upholstery make this daybed more natural.

Opinion: If you are a classic and mid-century design lover then this is would be a perfect choice for you. If you put this daybed in your home you will find the bit of 1950s touch in your house. Moreover, the quality of this daybed is really good enough to utilize your money. Because of the weight limit, this could be the best daybed for adults.

Furniture of America Daybed For Adults With Trundle

Who doesn’t love the cherry stain finishing over the solid wood frame in their daybed? The cherry stain is definitely a smart color to be blended with home decor.

  • Made of solid wood
  • A roll-out trundle included
  • Slat kit included
  • Cherry colored
  • Dimensions: 79.1” L x 41.4” W x 23.2” H

Design: The daybed is simply made of solid wood with three sides lower rails. The design of the side rails is contoured. The cherry stain has been used to complete the finishing over the wood frame. A roll-out trundle is included with the daybed which is not attached to the main daybed. You can use the trundle separately as it is free from the daybed.

Extra Space: This twin size daybed is space-saving along with the extra space features. In the main bed, the daybed has enough space for one adult person to sleep and three people can easily seat when the daybed will be used as a sofa. Moreover, the daybed has a roll-out trundle for extra seating or sleeping. Bunch of guests or kids can easily have the sleepover in this daybed.

Mattress: This twin size daybed required an 8-inch standard twin size daybed. For the trundle, a 6-inch twin size mattress required for the trundle bed otherwise the trundle will not fit under the main daybed. The mattress will fit in the slat kit properly. Moreover, the slat kit is very sturdy.

Quality: We all know that when a daybed is made of solid wood then there have no questions regarding the quality. Moreover, the stain finishing keeps this daybed more lasting as this stain keeps the insect away from the wood. The slat kit in the main bed gives additional support. So all of these things make this daybed more sturdy and long-lasting.

Opinion: If you want to buy a wood frame daybed then this could be a good choice. The design of this daybed is very simple and space-saving. If you are looking for a space-saving daybed with versatility then I would recommend you to buy this daybed.

Homerecommend Metal Daybeds For Living Room

This is a metal frame daybed with additional three legs support under the main bed along with the main four legs.

  • Metal daybed
  • Weight limit 300lbs
  • Dark copper colored
  • Twin size
  • Dimensions: 78.35″L x 40.16″W x 35.63″H

Design: This is a modern design daybed with powder coating finish which provides corrosion resistance in dry environments. The daybed has in total of seven legs. Three legs under the main bed for additional support along with four major legs. The main bed is enclosed by three rails which are the curved shape.

Extra Space: This daybed can easily accommodate one adult person for sleeping. It can also provide seating for the three people while using it as a sofa. Moreover, the daybed has 12 inches clearance under the main bed. You can easily store the everyday necessary things for your convenience.

Mattress: A standard twin size mattress will fit perfectly in the main bed slat kit. Keep in mind that mattress does not include the daybed you need to purchase the mattress. The 8-inch height mattress should be level with perfectly.

Quality: You don’t need to worry about the durability and stability of this daybed. The reason is 12 metal slats in the main bed and 7 legs which improves durability and stability. The strong metal slats will not allow the daybed to make any noise while sleeping or moving over the daybed.

Opinion: The weight limit is really good enough for one single person of this daybed. The daybed can hold up to 300lbs according to the manual. If you are a single person looking for the daybed for sleeping then it would be an ideal choice for you.

Hillsdale Furniture Daybed For Adults With Trundle

This Hillsdale is a traditional daybed with a trundle bed. The metal construction with the touch of four high wooden legs.

  • Twin size daybed
  • Suspension deck
  • Twin size mattress required
  • whimsically curved details
  • Dimensions: 82” L x 42.5” W x 40” H

Design: The design of this is different from all other traditional daybeds. This is a daybed with the style of artistic design with whimsically curved details. The solid hardwood attached to the metal sides and backs. The posts have finished with the cherry-finished.

Extra space: The daybed is available with a roll-out trundle and without trundle. If you choose the daybed with trundle then automatically you will get extra space under the main bed. For the sleepovers or guest hangout, the trundle can easily accommodate more spaces. Moreover, it can be used as a sofa or couches. Three people can seat together.

Mattress: The Hillsdale furniture daybed can accommodate a standard twin size mattress. The suspension deck allows the mattress to fitted in the main bed. The trundle also can accommodate a twin size mattress but keep in mind one thing that for the trundle you need to buy a mattress which is 6 inches thick.

Quality: It is well known that the whimsically curved details are more sturdy and durable. The solid hardwood in the legs makes this daybed even stronger and stable. The suspension deck allows this daybed to hold more weight without making any noise. The metal frame with the touch of solid hardwood makes this daybed overall a good quality daybed.

Opinions: Because of the durability and stability I would suggest buying this daybed. Moreover, the versatility of this daybed is amazing to meet your requirements I guess.

VTA Full Size Metal Daybed For Adult

This is a fully solid metal constructed daybed with nice finishing. The metal slat is available for additional support and durability.

  • Full-size daybed
  • Solid metal construction
  • Finial detailing
  • Weight limits 450lbs
  • Dimensions: 77.5” L x 56.5” W x 46.5” H

Design: This is a contemporary design daybed with finial detailing. Three sides rail with curved finishing. Four strong metal legs are for holding the full daybed with stability. The overall metal construction and the design make this daybed to hold up to 450lbs which is enough for accommodating two adult people while sleeping.

Extra space: This is a full-size daybed so it can easily suitable for two adult people with its good amount of weight limit. There is no trundle included with this daybed. But if you want you can buy a roll-out trundle or a pop-up trundle as it has enough space under the main bed to accommodate the trundle. Moreover, if you don’t wish to buy trundle you can easily put everyday needed things under the main bed.

Mattress: This is a full-size daybed so it requires a full-size standard mattress for the main bed. The foundation of the main bed is made of metal slats. So the mattress would fit properly in the main bed.

Quality:  The sturdy metal of this daybed has durability. The metal slats and the supporting legs added extra stability and comfort. In addition, you can use this daybed without having squeaking noise.

Opinion: If you are passionate about metal construction of the daybed then you can go for it. The main bed of this daybed is attached to screws with the main rails and part so there is no chance to lose the connections. Moreover, the price is very reasonable to purchase.

South Shore Modern Daybeds For Adults

This is the best modern daybed with hidden storage in amazing finishings. Moreover, this is an eco-friendly daybed.

  • Modern daybed
  • Eco-friendly daybed
  • Weight limit 450lbs
  • Three drawers
  • Dimensions: 80” L x 43” W x 38” H

Design: The design of this daybed is just perfect to be placed in a living room or guest room. And obviously, this is a modern design daybed. The daybed has attractive moldings with wooden knobs. The design will be blend with any decor because of its neutral design and elegant lines.

Extra space: Under the main daybed it has three large drawers to keep necessary stuff. The dimension of this daybed easily one adult person to sleep with comfortability. The total weight limit for this daybed is 450lbs. So three people can easily seat together. Moreover, this daybed provides comfortable sit, lay and read books.

Mattress:  A twin-size mattress should be capable of this daybed. The mattress will fit without the help of any box-spring or additional foundation.

Quality:  The first thing comes for this daybed is that it is an eco-friendly daybed. The daybed has made in North-America. The construction of this daybed is non-toxic laminated particleboard. Moreover, this furniture meets all North-American safety standards. So there is no question about the quality of this daybed.

Opinion: If you have allergies with a toxic product then you can have this daybed as this is non-toxic laminated particleboard. In addition, the price of this daybed is really reasonable. If you are looking for a daybed with more storage but at a reasonable price then it would be a good choice.

Final Words

Finding the best daybeds for adults isn’t a difficult task for you if you know the basic things about the daybed. The basic difference between kids’ daybed and adult daybed is weight limit. The frame and the construction are also mattered for the adult daybed. However, adult daybed is always smart solutions for the space problem.