How to Connect Sectional Sofa

Updated On: April 22, 2021

For your living room space, sofas are a must to furnish it with. Sofas make the place look homey and lived in. So, you should buy one for your living room.

If you have a large living room, have a big family, or need to accommodate guests, then getting a sectional is the best option for you.

Let us say you bought a couch. Now what? Now comes the question, how to connect a sectional sofa?


You have to work with the different sofa pieces to assemble it. Otherwise, you will have so many pieces that you cannot use properly in your hands.

When unattached, these sofas tend to form gaps between each piece. This can be a problem. You can drop your things there for instance. And it can be very dangerous for small children and your pets.

Furthermore, your whole living room area will look messy if you do not connect this couch. So, you have to use the tools that come with the set to connect your sofa.

Read this article to get to know more about connecting a sectional.

Best Methods of Connecting a Sectional Sofa

A sectional set will not assemble itself on its own. This job is up to you. You have to learn a bit about how you can assemble it. We are here to help you guide through it.

First, you need to learn about the pieces that you need to assemble. Then, you need to know how to use them. Let us waste no more time and dig in.


This is a crucial part of assembling a sectional. It will keep the sofa held together. First, you need to count them. Let us say that there are seven pieces, then you need six bracket sets to join the pieces.

Turn over the sections and check the fit between the pieces — mark frame position with a pencil through a hole in the bolt. Drill a hole into the marked area. To attach the hardware to the frame, put a screw in the hole through the bracket and make it tight with a power drill or a manual screwdriver.

Connect two sides of the drilled points together for whatever kind of hardware you have purchased. Basic lock mechanisms or teeth fitting fork brackets are used by people to do this.


There are other ways to assemble a sectional — no need to use connectors if you do not wish to. You can always use hooks instead of connectors. They are easy to buy too. Just go to the most adjacent hardware store and get hold of a few hooks to connect your sofa.

Always remember to get hooks that have springs that slip-on. And grab hooks that have locks on them to keep them from unhooking. To prevent the pieces from falling apart, place the hooks at the bottom. You can place the hooks in the front, in the middle, or the back on the bottom.

Now, use everything you have learned about connecting the sectional couch with connectors, and connect your sofa with hooks instead.

Brackets That Have Hand Keys

There are many ways that you can use to assemble a sectional couch. Firstly, it is a big priority when you get a new set. The main concern becomes assembling the large pieces together. In order to connect the pieces, you can use brackets with keys.

Arrange the pieces in a way where they will have enough space. Move the pieces together while standing by the first two pieces. This way, with one side’s female side, the male side-line of another is up.

Move the side of the male after you have lifted it so that it comes in line with the female side and rises above. Now, lock up after lowering the section.

Then, turn to the opposite side of the settings and do it all over again. You have to repeat the whole process again on the opposite end. Raise the male side, lock the female side, and line the brackets.

You need to lift the overall weight. And this weight gets decreased when you change sides and move from one end to the other side. This lifting would get harder for you if you went down in the sectional in order.

Brackets That Are at the Bottom

Sectionals are great for people who have big families. They are great to look at in big living rooms as well. If you have guests that come over to your house, you will need to let them all sit somewhere. This is where sectionals become important.

A sectional set can be connected with a lot of different kinds of tools. Brackets at the bottom are one of them.

Leave at least a foot gap between the first two parts sections of each piece, and place the sectional in a position you want it to be placed in. Take the brackets out from each side of the bottom. They will look like a fork with two sides or will be just a piece of metal.

It might be locked and not come out easily. Align the brackets by setting the first two parts. Start with the fixed-prong bracket. Then, press it towards the wheel-style bracket. If the set manual tells you to, then lift it up slightly.

Place the tiers together and wait to hear a click sound. Do not let the parts collide. Some models click once and some a couple of times. Keep doing the same thing until everything is linked.

Shoe Connections

You need to use something to connect a sectional set. There are many pieces of a sectional set that needs to be connected. One of these is the shoe connections. Using this one, you can easily connect the parts of your couch together.

Shoe connections are made so that it can connect two or more sections of a sectional set. You may want to know how to keep a sectional sofa together. Here is how:

Arrange the shoe connections in a way that you want your sections to be set in. Place the edges together tightly. Depending on how you want your set to be placed, you can have two or more L-shaped platforms, one L-shaped section, and a short piece, or a set of straight-lined platforms.

The shoe connections can stay under the couch as a single platform or be in two long planks that sit across the front and the back. Lift the first piece and put it on the top of the platform. You might need the help of other people to lift the sofa, so remember to ask for help.

With the connector holes, line up the feet of the piece of furniture. Repeat the same process with the whole section.

Cable Ties

To prevent the pieces from separating, cable ties are used to the sofa’s feet. Pick out the cables by matching the color with the set. This way, the set will not look out of place. So, pick out dark-colored cable ties if your sectional set is dark-colored, or pick light colors if the set is light-colored.

Place the cable ties against the legs of the two sections together and leave the connection part of the chain in the back of the leg to hide it.

After tightening the cable to the legs, cut off the extended part that is left behind. If you need to rearrange the couch or push it to somewhere else, then cut the cable ties and replace them with new ones.

Why You Should Connect a Sectional Sofa from the Beginning

Sectional sofas are easy to assemble. But, if you laze around when you buy a new sectional and do not attach the parts together, you might face some problems.

When sectional sets are left unassembled in your living space, the pieces of the couch might develop gaps in between each part. If you sit on the sofa in this way, or even slightly moves the pieces, then the gaps will still appear.

Some homeowners have small children in their homes. Or they can have people over who may have children of their own. In this case, if you keep the sofa unattached, the kids might hurt themselves.

You can even have pets that will hurt themselves because of this gap. They may play around it and harm themselves.

At the end of the day, an unattached sectional just would not look good in your living space. It will definitely look messy.

Final Word

Owning a new sectional is exciting because buying new stuff is always fun and exciting. But, you have to be in charge of it as it is your property. This means you will need to set it up. And sectionals do not come assembled most of the time. So, you need to do it.

This question may arrive about how to connect a sectional sofa when you bought it. With the help of a few simple tools, and if possible, then a helping hand, you can assemble your sectional on your own.