Steps to Disassemble a Reclining Sofa For Moving

Updated On: April 22, 2021

When I was about 18 years old, I watched my neighbor moving into another city. As I saw mammoth things are crawling down the road, I became agitated, thinking why they aren’t disassembling the furniture?

Disassembling does the moving job half done. The trick to effortless moving is to dismantle your huge furniture that carries weight.


Reclining sofas normally are weighed heavy. The dimensions used to design them are not so subtle to move them smoothly out of the room.

How to Disassemble Your Recliner Sofa?

In this particular article, we’ll provide you with a number of expert tricks about how to take apart a reclining sofa for moving efficiently.

Tools You Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Plastic zipper bag
  • Straps
  • Flat-blade screwdriver

If you already managed these things, get ready for disassembling. But before jumping onto it, you should consider the following things.

The Backrest

You have to bring down the reclining back of the recliner for a successful dismantling.

Some sofas have locking tabs that securely hold the back to stay in place. You can just detach them using a screwdriver. Hands are also being used at times to remove these tabs. But it is highly advised to use screwdrivers.

There are also some backrests secured with bolts. You just have to lift the panels that help to remove the bolts from the back.

Velcro Panels

Sofa recliner has some sort of fabric panels that are often attached with strong Velcro. Removing these panels, screws, or lever that hold armrest and other components come in hand.

A wiser decision is to take a picture before assembling — by doing so, you will get a perfect idea about where the levers and screws are that associates the recliner together.

The Footrest

Bolts and screws hold the footrest together. You have to outstretch the footrest to unbolt the exposing bolts and screws.

After doing so, if bolts or screws won’t come into your vision, then lean the sofa over backward. Then you will be able to disengage the footrest from its pivot.

Disassembling Starts!

  • Initially you have to take off your pillowslips. Take your hand between the recliner’s back and the base. Undo the crank by your hand, which is at the end of the recliner.
  • The back of a recliner is often covered with soft material for protection and comfort. Release the stuffed back. Once you have released the back, stretch it upward while the cushion is staying down. It will let go of the clips that are connected to the recliner.
  • For checking the parts lying under the recliner, you have to pull its face down. Lose the arm brackets, bolts, levers, and screws in order to dislocate the arms from the sofa.
  • Recliners normally stay in a vertical position. A screw helps the recliner to hold its position. Releasing that screw will help to dislocate the seat.
  • Don’t forget to remove the upholstery of a recliner. Unbutton the cushions, and then you should remove the upholstery.
  • If your cushions do not come with a zipper or buttons, then use a knife to rip through the material.
  • Release the rails and other assistance materials along from underneath your seat.

Handy Tips to follow!

  • While removing bolts and cutting stuff, always keep them aside and never point at yourself.
  • Don’t forget to wear protective eye-glasses, it will help you avoid getting staples into the eyes.
  • Always use a screwdriver, it is too risky for your hands to flip or remove the levers.
  • Dismantling can be hectic and fuzzy. Keep a picture while assembling. It will save your time and effort both on the course of taking apart.
  • To remove the safety bars below the recliner, drilling can be a really good option.
  • You don’t want to see a jammed recliner while disassembling, right? Then don’t pull the upholstery.
  • Never mix up with the screws, bolts, and nuts.
  • Maintain a zipper bag and label the screws, other materials so that you don’t get confused when you reinstall the recliner again.

Final Words

An organized, anticipated, and foresighted dismantling will relieve you from every kind of moving miseries.

If you know how to take apart a reclining sofa efficiently, it will be considered a vocational skill. As the sofas, the modernizing, the skills for disassembling these are also getting moderated.

Though divergent recliners come with multiple features, the process of disassembling is plain and simple. You just have to follow mentioned instructions without risking any lethal injuries.

Now that you know to disassemble a recliner sofa to move, it shouldn’t be a demoralizing task anymore; rather, it will be one of the most trouble-free jobs for you.

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