How to Fix the Cable of Reclining Sofa

Updated On: April 22, 2021

The sofa is an integral part of our household. Without sofa, late-night movies, intense PlayStation gaming sessions, Netflix, other entertainment can’t be imagined. But sometimes, a bad reclining sofa can turn off the mood.

I brought a reclining sofa from the local market 6 months before. Then, after some heavy use, the recliner started to function abnormally. The recliner was not opening correctly. Later I saw that the cable of my reclining sofa was damaged and needed to be replaced.

To fix my sofa, I brought the replacement cable and changed the damaged line. It’s straightforward and cheap compared to buying a new recliner sofa or repairing it from a craftsman.

That is why I am writing this guide, letting people fix the reclining sofa’s cable quickly in a DIY manner.

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How to Fix the Cable of Reclining Sofa?

Things that you will need;

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Replacement cable

Steps for Fixing the Cable

The entire process is divided into two parts;

Part 1

Find and Remove the Cable Hook

Finding a specific hook on the recliner can be difficult without turning the recliner upside down. That is why I always turn my recliner upside down before changing the cable.

After turning it upside down, pull the handle of the recliner. Pulling the handle will open the recliner. Locate a unique hook at the end of the recliner cable. Then, remove the cable hook from the opener.

Removing the Cable Clip

Now, you have successfully removed the cable hook, but you will notice that the cable is still not detached. That is because the line is permanently attached with specific clips. You have to remove those clips to proceed further.

Usually, it’s a two-part clip. I permanently remove the clip with a little gentle force. After removing the clip, the cable is now fully detached.

Opening the Screws of the Recliner Cup Handle

After detaching the cable, we can proceed further with ease. Disconnecting the cable won’t fix anything as you require to change the wires manually. To do so, you have to remove the recliner cup handle.

A recliner cup handle is mainly used to pull the recliner. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the screws that secure the cup. Don’t lose the screws. Later you will need these screws to place the cup holder in place. So, store them carefully.

Remove the Cable

Next, I prefer to remove the cup handle. I do this to remove the recliner cable easily. Remove the cable completely and take a bow as you have completed 50% of the work for fixing the cable on your reclining sofa.

Part 2

The later part will be easy for you to do as you have to do everything the same as before from backward.

Inserting the new cable

Now, take the replacement cable that you brought. Then, insert the cable in the recliner handle just opposite as you removed the previous cable. Push the cable properly so that it reaches the downside.

Screwing the cup handle

After inserting the new replacement cable, you will have to put the recliner cup handle in place. To do so, screw the cup handle with the Phillips head screw or a drill bit.

Passing the New Cable Through the Recliner

As you have removed the cable previously, now attach the new cable accordingly. Insert the new cable in the cup handle. Then pull the inserted new cable with your hand from the back of the recliner.

I usually turn the recliner upside down again, put my hand through the dust filter to find the new cable, and then pull it. Thus, the new cable passes through the back of the recliner.

Attaching the Cable Clip

At the beginning of the fixing process, the older cable was removed from a particular clip. Now, we have to attach the new cable clip in place.

What I do is, try to find the clip holding gap first, then attach the clip in place of the recliner mechanism. This process is also very beginner-friendly. Just look for a specific hole for the clip to connect and place it accordingly. A satisfying click sound will make sure the cable clip is appropriately secured.

Attaching the Cable Hook

Now, your sofa is almost ready to be relaxed on; this is the last step of the DIY fix. Just as we removed the cable hook from the recliner opener, we will have to attach it again to complete this fix.

Pull the hook opener upward. You will find specific circular loops in it. Put the hook in the most minor loop. After that, turn your sofa for testing.

Testing the Sofa Recliner

Now, you have done quite hard work. It’s time to test your work. Sit back on your sofa and pull the handle to try it. Bingo! Your sofa should recline as it was brought yesterday.

Final Words

Now that you know how to fix the cable on a reclining sofa, from now on, every time you have to resolve the issue, no need to pay money for this easy fixing.

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