5 Easy Steps to Take Apart a Sectional Sofa

Updated On: March 11, 2021

A sectional sofa is the best piece of furniture for you if you have a spacious living room area. Also, if you have a huge family living together in the same house, a sectional is the best option for you. It is perfect for when you have a lot of guests over in your house.

Assembling a sofa requires connecting all the sections that come with the sofa. There are times when you might need to take apart a sectional sofa. So, you might be thinking how to take apart a sectional sofa.


Moving is never easy. There are so many things you need to do. You have to move all the pieces you own. Furniture is one of them. But, when it comes to sectional sofas, you have to disassemble the sofa to bring it with you. Also, when cleaning your house, you will have to disassemble it.

Now you are wondering how to take apart a sofa. Read along to find out.

How to Take Apart a Sectional Sofa?

Do you own a sectional set that you need to disassemble? Are you thinking, how to disconnect a sectional sofa? No problem! It is not that difficult as it seems.

The different sections of a sectional set are attached with hooks and latches. You have to take them off to disassemble the sofa. What you need to do is discussed in length down below.

1. Take Away the Cushions

Who does not have cushions on their sofas? Well, most people do have them. You may have a few cushions on top of your sofa to decorate it and give it a nice look. It is also there for sitting comfort.

But, when you have to take apart a sectional, cushions might come in the way of doing that. Even the handles that you may have to grab to pull the sofa sections; may be covered by these cushions. So, in disassembling a sofa, you have to start by removing the cushions.

First, you have to take away the cushion off from the sofa when you start taking apart the sofa. You have to put them in a safe place, or someone might even trip and fall if the cushions are too close.

In some cases, some sectionals have cushions that belong to certain spots on the sofa. So, in this case, you have to remember where to put the cushions before removing them.

For some sectionals, some cushions can be attached to the sofa seats. You can’t remove them even if you wanted to. If you tried to remove the cushion in this case, then you may tear them completely, and damage the design. So, it is better to leave them be.

You have to find the corner of the sofa to start taking the sofa apart. To look for the handles, if there are any, you need to push the cushions aside if you can.

2. Find the Square Corner

Now that you have removed the cushions, you may wonder how to break up a sectional sofa. Let us get into it now.

Most sectional sofas have a focal point. This focal point is formed by a square corner piece, which connects to the sofa. You have to find this very square corner piece.

There are different sections of sectional sofa. Each two of these sections meet the square corner part of the pieces. If you take apart these square corner pieces, then the whole sofa will come apart. So, find these square corners to disassemble the sofa.

3. Grab the Handle and Lift

Not all but most of the sectional sofas; are designed to help you take them apart easily. For this reason, in some sofas, there are these handles or lips designed to lift the sofas up easily.

This designated place for lifting the sectional sofa is located near the square corner of the sofa sections. If your sofa has this lip around the rim of the sofa, then you have to slide your fingers right under that lip.

Now, you have to lift the lip or handle straight up. This way, you will have detached the sections from each other.

Sometimes there are sofas that do not have this lift or handle made out of plastic. In this case, you have to apply a different method. But, it is indeed a simple one. Find a spot under the sofa section that is stable, and then lift it straight up from there.

For disconnecting the pieces, most sectional sofas have handles that you need to lift. But, not all sofas have this. Instead, the sections of the sofa might be connected by hooks that can be unclipped. Some of the sofas even have clasps that need to be slid together to connect with one another.

Different sofas have different mechanisms to disconnect the different sections that have been assembled to stay connected together. Some of the sectionals are connected using brackets.

If that is the case, then you have to unscrew the screws that hold the sections together with the help of the brackets. Do this with a power drill or even manually.

Some sectional sofas are connected together with easier methods. Tying cable ties to the legs of two of the sections of the sofas is one of those easy methods. In this case, you have to cut the cable ties off to disassemble the sofa.

Whatever the method used to connect the sofa sections, you have to disconnect the corners of the sofa from both sections. Now, you try to move the sofa. If you pull the sectional sofa sections from each other while they are still connected, then you may rip the sofa or ruin the sofa completely.

4. Pull the Sofa Sections

Now, that you have detached that sofa section from being connected to another part with whatever method used, you have to pull the sofa sections apart.

Hold the edge of the sofa section, and carefully pull it away from the piece. Now, that the two sections are separated, repeat the same process with the other sections to detach all the pieces from each other. This way, you have separated the sofa from being connected.

5. Check Your Work

There are some sofas that have about three pieces. These pieces are the two sections of the sofa and the corner. But, in cases of large sofas, these sections are multiple. So, you have to take apart these multiple pieces altogether.

You have to check the sections and make sure that there are gaps between each part of the sofa. If they have these gaps, then you have to lift the pieces. That will help detach them from each other.

In some cases, you might not be sure if the sofa breaks up into multiple pieces. So, look into the manual that comes with the sectional sofa. Do not lose the manual. You will need the instructions that it will provide.

But, if the manual does not help you with this problem, you can always browse the internet for more ideas.

Final Words

If you have to move out of your house for some reason or clean your home extensively, you would need to disassemble your sectional sofa. How to take apart a sectional sofa, you ask? It is, basically, easy.

All you have to do is remove the cushion, find the handle, lift the sofa, pull apart the sections, and check to see if you have done the job correctly. Good luck with disassembling your sectional sofa!