Top 3 Ikea Hemnes Daybed Review – Expensive and Worthful of 2021

Updated On: February 18, 2021

Sweden based home furnishing company Ikea is very trendy for making delicate Hem daybed. The unique architecture of the daybed already attained the people’s positive reviews who have used Ikea daybed. You are here because of positive acknowledgment about Ikea daybed from your surrounding people and you want to have one since you demand them.

Ikea home furnishing company has made three exclusive daybeds in different series. The fascinating fact is that all of the daybeds are twin sized so you don’t need to be concerned about the size. All of the daybeds have drawers under the main bed for extra storage. Every single daybed of Ikea is different from each other. 

Ikea Hemnes Daybed Review

Best Ikea Hemnes Daybed Reviews Based on My Research

For making these daybeds Ikea used high-quality materials means they will last longer. I am going to write about the Ikea daybed review as I already investigated them comprehensively. I am devoted to sharing what I have educated from the inspection. Hopefully, you will get the information that you are supposed to know about Ikea daybed.

IKEA Black-Brown Twin Size Daybed Frame with 2 Drawers

This daybed from Ikea hemnes daybed black-brown colored comes with two drawers. The simple and unique design makes this daybed delicate. 

Back-rest mountain in the right or left corner makes this daybed more comfortable and gives extra space in the bed. If you need to use the daybed as a sofa you can sit in the place where the back-rest mountain attached to support your back. You can easily convert this daybed into a twin size. However, you need to buy a twin size mattress for this daybed. 

  • Multi-functional
  • Back-rest mountain included in the right or left corner
  • Black-brown color
  • Two drawers
  • High-quality wood veneer, Pine, Fiberboard
  • Twin Size
  • Dimension: 77.5” L X 41.4” W X 33.9” H

Two drawers under the main bed will allow you to make any essential storage. The drawers have enough space to put paramount things. Moreover, the drawers are easy to open you don’t need to put extra effort. The dimension of this daybed is just superb to save up space in your home or office. The daybed is multifunctional like you can use it as a sofa or bed for one or even bed for two-person. 

The daybed is made of quality materials. You should not worry about the durability. The bed base is manufactured of particleboard. The immense advantage of particleboard is lightweight. It means the total weight of this daybed would be light not too heavy. Though particleboards are not eco-friendly. 

To make this daybed stronger and endure they have used ash veneered in the whole body. It is dense hardwood which is about 3 mm thick, tough, and smooth texture. Veneered can resist warping and fragmentation. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and easily recyclable. Nevertheless, it cannot be repaired if broken.

To make this daybed body waterproof they used a special kind of plastic name Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic which insoluble in water. It means even if you drop water by mistake it can not damage the daybed. For the final finishing clear Acrylic lacquer has been used. This lacquer is popular for smooth finishing. However, the lacquer has a fast-drying formula.

Ikea white Twin Size Daybed frame with 3 drawers

This Ikea hemnes daybed frame with 3 drawers reviews are quite good from the people who have used this daybed. If you need extra storage in daybed and love white color then this would be the perfect choice for you. 

  • Twin size
  • 3 drawers
  • White-colored
  • Twin size mattress needed
  • Multifunctional
  • Dimension: 78.75” L X 41” W X 33.88” H

The back, right, and the left side are covered with fiberboard it means you can use this daybed as sofa easily. While using this daybed as the sofa you or your guests will get support from the back as well as they can keep their hand in the right or left hand. You will feel comfortable using this daybed for both purposes.

This daybed would be an ideal choice for you since it has three drawers if you need more storage in the daybed for keeping essential stuff. Every single drawer has enough space to keep the stuff. The drawers are easy to open as they have a railing. 

The dimension of this daybed is just perfect to be fitted in anywhere in the home or in the office. The whole frame of this daybed is made of fiberboard so the total weight is not too heavy. You can move the daybed easily if needed. The high-quality fiberboard will give this daybed long durability. 

The twin size mattress will fit in this daybed though you need to buy the mattress separately. To give the final finishing they have used Acrylic paint and Melamine foil which gives this daybed an outstanding look and makes it an elegant daybed. The overall design and high-quality material are the perfect combinations of this masterpiece.

Ikea white Twin Size Daybed with 2 drawers

This multifunctional daybed comes with two drawers and in white color. You can use this daybed as a single bed as well as a double bed. 

  • Multi-functional
  • Two drawers
  • White color
  • Twin size
  • Dimension: 76.75” L X 40.5” W X 22.44’” H

The insignificant disadvantage of this daybed is that you can not use this daybed as a sofa if you don’t put the daybed near any wall. Naturally, when we sit on any daybed we need back support to make ourselves comfortable. Unfortunately, this daybed has no cover to support your back so you need to keep the daybed near the wall. 

The smart dimension of this daybed allows you to keep the daybed anywhere in the home or in the office. This daybed would be an incredible choice for small spaces. For extra storage, the daybed has two drawers. The depth of these drawers is 21.63” and the height is 22.5”. It means they have enough space to keep any stuff.

As I already have mentioned that this daybed is multifunctional. If you want to use this daybed as a double you just need to make it a twin size. You just need to pull out the extra bed which is under the main bed. 

Materials of this daybed are high-quality. The frame of this daybed is made of particleboard. The slat of the main bed is made of foil which will give this daybed a great level of endurance. Abs plastic is used in the drawer structure to prevent the drawers from the water damage. The overall finishing is very smooth in white-colored. Combinations of these materials make this daybed a long-lasting daybed.

Final words

So, this is the Ikea Hemnes daybed reviews from my point of view as I inspected them thoroughly. All of these daybeds are good quality with their own point of view. You can choose whichever to meet your requirements. Though they are a bit expensive. However, if you want to avoid expensive daybed then you can go for Hillsdale Montgomery daybed or Jamie daybed for an affordable price. You can choose whichever to meet your requirements.