Hillsdale Jamie Daybed Review of 2021

Updated On: February 18, 2021

Hillsdale furniture company already has acquired the popularity of making high-quality daybed. The design of their daybeds is always unique and eye-catching. You are reading this article because you are looking for the best Jamie daybed review and its features. This daybed has got a wide appreciation from the people who have used it. Montgomery daybed from Hillsdale furniture also got broad gratitude from the people.

Jamie Daybed Review

Best Hillsdale Jamie Daybed Review Based on My Research

The exclusive tufted design amazed me when I first acknowledge Jamie daybed. The full body is covered by button-tufts except for the bed. The fascinating thing is that when you use this daybed as sofa these buttons-tufts will give you a cozy pleasure while supporting the back.

Jamie’s daybed comes with trundle or without trundle in multiple colors. The simple but gorgeous design makes these daybeds a piece of splendid home furniture. It’s time to look into the benefits and features of the 4 Jamie daybed from Hillsdale furniture.

Jamie Tufted Daybed Without Trundle

Hillsdale furniture Jamie tufted daybed is made of wood and fabric with a luxurious gray finish. It has no trundle so there will be no extra space under the main bed. It would be the best choice if you are looking for a budget daybed.

  • Gray or Beige Finish
  • Used material wood and fabric
  • Classic button-tufted design
  • Comfortable slat provided
  • Need Twin size matress
  • No trundle
  • Dimension: 42” W X 82.5” L X 39.5” H

You are willing to buy Jamie daybed but worrying about the space then this Jamie tufted daybed would be a considerable preferred. The efficient dimension of this daybed will allow you to save space in your home or in the office. However, you can move the daybed easily if needed as the weight is only 68 pounds.

One of the best things about this daybed is that its bed is made of slat there is no spring under the mattress. It means it will give a comfortable feeling while sleeping or resting in the daybed. The wood and fabric materials made the quality of this daybed authentic. If you look into the design they used is button-tufted which classic and never gets old. 

Though it has no trundle, for one person this daybed is perfect. The daybed requires twin size mattress which will allow your guests to make themselves cozy while using this daybed as a sofa. Though there is no mattress included with the daybed so you need to buy it separately.  The gray and beige finish give this daybed a distinguished physical appearance.

Jamie Tufted Daybed with Trundle

The Jamie daybed with trundle is space-saving and comfortable daybed for your home or office. The daybed will allow extra storage under the main bed with budget price.

  • Gray and Beige colored finish
  • Button-tuft design
  • Wood and fabric materials
  • Slat provided in the main bed
  • Trundle included
  • Twin-sized mattresses required
  • Dimension: 42” W X 82.5” L X 39.5” H

If you are looking for a Jamie daybed with trundle then this is the right daybed as it has trundle. The daybed is space-saving because of its dimension. Though the weight of this little more as it has trundle. The weight of this daybed is 123 pounds means it will turn into a troublesome work if you need to move the daybed.

The design of this daybed is button-tufted which is kind of old but still, this design is very prominent among the people. When you will use this daybed as a sofa the button-tufted design will give an extra comfortable feeling while supporting your back. This is the reason still this design is popular.

Another advantage of this daybed is that there is no spring in the main bed part but slat is used in the main bed. The slat will give you a smooth pleasure while sleeping. It is available in two color gray and beige. You don’t need to be worried about the physical appearance because the gray and beige finish are splendid. Moreover, the wood and fabric materials made this daybed authentic.

Final Word

The function and features of these daybeds are really good enough to fulfill your requirements. These Hilsdale Furniture daybeds have both trundle and no trundle option available. There is nothing concerned about the price as all are at an affordable price with credible quality.