Kodiak Futon Reviews of 2021

Updated On: April 8, 2021

Let’s say you have a small apartment and the space is limited. Do you get a bed or a couch? Well, the answer is obvious; you must get a bed to sleep while the couch is optional but also necessary. Did the situation put you on the spot? Well, it’s a hard decision to make even when you know what the final decision is. What if I told you that you can get both while saving extra space? 

Kodiak Futon Reviews

You might or might not have heard of futons. Originally used by the Japanese, futons have gained their popularity in recent years for being amazing at space-saving catering to multiple needs. Futons are both a bed and a couch having a convertible functionality. Today, we will review a futon brand named, Kodiak. In this Kodiak futon review, we will discover the various options that Kodiak offer and which one will be suited for you.

How to Choose the Best Kodiak futon:

Choosing the best Kodiak futon is pretty simple but, the task isn’t as easy as one might think. While all futons look pretty similar their reliability and durability differ from model to model, brand to brand.

If you want to choose the best Kodiak futon then there are certain things that you need to check first. A futon that has great durability will last you years without failing your expectations. A reliable futon will save you from disappointment and when the time comes to repair the futon, you can easily find maintenance. What’s the use of a futon if it’s not even comfortable? A comfortable futon will provide you with a good sleep while making you feel satisfied when you are sitting on it on couch-mode. To sum it up, choosing the best futon consists of great durability, reliability, comfort, and design.

We didn’t put style and color in the assessment evaluation metric because it comes down to personal preference and that’s simply a matter of taste. 

Whether you need the best futon for everyday sleeping, the best queen size futon or just the best futon frame, you will find them in the products that we are about to review.

Best Kodiak Futon reviews

We have hand-picked the best of the best Kodiak futons to review in this article. We will look into the above-mentioned values (great durability, reliability, comfort, and design) and discuss why we like each respective futon that will be included in the list.

Kodiak Phoenix Futon Sofa bed

Kodiak phoenix futon features a simple look. It’s not too flashy or eye-catching but when it’s converted into a couch the look in protrudes is similar to a traditional sofa. It has drawers that will help you save additional space if you have products lying around your home that fit the drawer size. It’s a feature that adds good practicality to a futon. It features a liner design and has armrests with flaps. The flaps accomplish the role of a tray where you can serve tea and coffee or a drink of your choice. The Monterey frame of the futon is clean and looks simple. It defines the room it’s in while offering versatility that helps you accommodate space. 

  • Full Polyester
  • Frame made of solid hardwood
  • Seating height of a sofa
  • Used hardwood is grown through a plantation
  • Converts into full bed size
  • Easy Conversion; No tools required
  • Futon dimension- 37 x 82 x 33 inches
  • Weight limit- 600lbs

Design– Simple futon design. It blends perfectly with its surroundings and doesn’t grab too much attention. It looks very similar to a traditional sofa and includes drawers. The armrest is also a tray and the whole thing is very plain and liner shaped. The dark wood color of the frame matches seamlessly with the futon mattress.

Benefits– The product is very thoughtfully priced concerning its features and design. The drawers are an additional feature that not all futons have. Assembly is easy and conversion is seamless and requires no equipment.

Opinion– Great futon with a spectacular low-profile design. The style is very minimal and the futon looks premium. It can easily be mistaken for a standalone sofa which states its brilliance further.

Kodiak Small Size Futon Lounger

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One of the most compact futons in the list. This futon is targeted towards students who live in dorms and people who live in very small spaces. This futon fits everywhere. The frame is coated with metal powder and there are wood slats that support the mattress of the futon. Without the mattress, the futon height equates to 10″ and 16″ with mattress. The fabric is Suede fabric used in the mattress and the pillow.

  • Super compact
  • Stretches from each side
  • Metal powder-coated frame
  • Includes a mattress and pillow
  • Couch dimensions- 66 x 33 x 31 inches
  • Lounger dimensions- 72 x 33 x 31 inches
  • Weight limit- 400 lbs

Design– A conservative design. It’s minuscule that fits everywhere. The frame is metal coated and the mattress is supported with wood slats. It’s a quirky model that has a cute aesthetic. It easily converts to 3 positions, has a durable frame and comes with a quality mattress.

Benefits- Extremely affordable. Great buy for students who live in dorms having very little space. Durable and sturdy frame that doesn’t break after years of abuse. 

Opinion– Another low-profile futon with a minimalist perspective. Great for guest and affordable pricing. Good buy for people in a budget. 

Kodiak Furniture Monterey Futon Set with Butternut Finish

The Kodiak Monterey futon set Has a classic frame of hardwood with mission style arms. It converts into a bed and has 6 different finishes to choose from. All of them have a beautiful color profile and manages to blend in with any décor. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture that manages to look traditional in each setting. When it’s converted into a bed, it looks like a traditional bed without any hint of being a futon. The same goes for when it’s in couch mode. An example of an ideal futon.

  • Wooden frame
  • Linen Stone upholstery grade fabric tufted to the mattress
  • Converts to a full-size bed
  • Tool-less assembly
  • 8” thick mattress with an upholstery cover included
  • Plantation grown hardwood
  • Dimensions- 79 x 37 x 33 inches
  • Weight limit- 600lbs

Design– The futon has a geometrically square design with plain and liner shapes. It’s incredibly sturdy and durable making it last for years on end. It has a medium profile that lives in balance with any room. The mattress is of very high quality and has a good color accent.

Benefits– This futon mattress is of the finest quality. This mattress utilizes thirteen-gauge Bonnell springs. The springs flex with your body to offer support while you sit or sleep. The flexible layers of foam and a plush layer of cotton contribute to superior comfort.

Opinion– The medium-profile Monterey futon has a lot to offer. It’s classic and its design is basic. Works great in the office and in-home. Consider buying this if you are looking for a heavy-duty futon.

Kodiak Furniture Monterey Futon Frame with Butternut

Same as the Kodiak Monterey Futon set but comes without the mattress. It’s a standalone futon frame. If you already own a mattress then this is a perfect choice. It’s a full-sized futon that you can pair with Kodiak Phoenix Full Size Futon Mattress (we will review this mattress in this article). The frame is very sturdy and durable and converts to different positions flawlessly and effortlessly requiring no additional tools other than your hand. Extremely convenient and practical.

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Plantation grown material
  • Tool-less assembly
  • Seating height- Sofa
  • Dimensions- 79 x 37 x 33 inches
  • Weight limit- 600 lbs

Design– The hardwood finish provides a classic look also fitting the modern aesthetic of most decors. The frame is very stress-tolerant and lasts for a long time without disappointing its owner. It’s a heavy-duty medium-profile frame that blends surprisingly great with its environment.

Benefits– Gives you the choice of selecting the futon mattress of your choice. If you have a preference for a mattress that you want to buy then adding a standalone futon frame is your best bet if you require a futon.

Opinion– Kodiak Monterey futon frame is one of the best performing frames in the list and because of public demand, the frame is sold separately for people who want a different mattress or already own one. It’s a solid choice for anybody whether it’s for office or home.

Kodiak Phoenix Full-Size Futon Mattress

If you end up buying a futon that doesn’t include any mattress, then Kodiak phoenix mattress is one of the best futon mattresses you can get at the price point. It’s comfortable and lush making you fall asleep in a matter of minutes. It’s not too soft preventing you from digging in the mattress. Great body support and the technology used in this mattress makes it a pleasure to sit on.

  • No flip mattress
  • Included insulator pads
  • High-density foam
  • 20-pound garnetted cotton
  • Hand-tufted
  • Size- 54 x 74 inches

Design– The futon is designed with insulator pads and high-density foam. 20 pounds of garnetted foam is present inside which adds to the comfortability and pleasure. The materials used are of high quality. The mattress feels premium without being very expensive. It’s hand-tufted and meets almost all of the CSPC flammability standards.

Benefits– Premium mattress for an affordable price. Great comfortability and reliability. Able to tolerate abuse for years on end without ripping apart or getting damaged. It meets all the standards of a good futon while being aesthetically pleasing and affordable. One of the best Kodiak mattresses out there.

Opinion– Let’s say you need a new mattress and you are on the look-out and come upon this mattress. Buy it! You just can’t go wrong with a mattress of this quality at such a good price. It’s a steal for anybody looking to replace their mattress or buy a new one.

Kodiak Furniture Assembly Instructions

The assembly process is one of the first things you will go through after you buy a futon. If you have owned a futon in the past then you already have gone through the process of assembling a futon. If you are the owner of a futon for the first time or want to be an owner of one then knowing how to go through the assembly process is very important. The process varies from futons to futon but the overall nature is pretty much the same. You can check the step by step process as a general guide.

For the sake of convenience, you can also watch this video to help yourself understand the process better.

Now, be wary of the fact that futon assembly is different for each futon. You will receive a futon assembly guide with the futon you buy. Follow that and watch the provided video to understand the overall process. If you are reluctant about the assembly and lack the confidence to assemble the futon by yourself, seek professional help.

Final Words

Choosing the best futon based on each circumstance is the best way to go about it. One generalized life-hack that applies for all futon is to buy the best futon cover you can afford. Doing research, yourself and reading the advantages that each model provides is one of the best advice I can give you. Know what you want first. After settling on a decision, read this Kodiak futon review and select one that suits your taste and circumstance.