Nirvana Futons Review – Wood Frame of 2021

Updated On: February 18, 2021

Futons have made their mark on the market. Originally futon was a Japanese bedding style. One of the biggest contributors to their publicity has to do with the versatility of a futon. People love to own a sofa that conveniently turns into a bed. The option of owning a single piece of furniture that can be both a couch and bed intrigues many peoples’ interest.

There are various brands for futons and finding a brand that will suit your style and need is the sole purpose of this article. We have chosen to review Nirvana’s futons in this article. In this Nirvana Futons review, we will include different kinds of futons with different styles and sizes to cater to your needs.

Nirvana Futons Review

Nirvana Futons are known to be very dynamic. They made a name for themselves and their fans are their loyal customers. Simply, they have created a niche that is still going strong. Nirvana can craft top of the line futons and the customer reviews are anything but positive. There are a few cutbacks from time to time and very minor complaints, but the overall review is very much in favor.

How Do You Choose The Best Nirvana Futons?

Even among the brand Nirvana, you will often see a ranking order for various products. It’s true for Nirvana futons as well. The hierarchy is present everywhere and the sole purpose of the hierarchy is to filter out the best products from the rest. Have you ever felt disappointment after buying a product online? Ever ordered a horse and received a donkey? We empathize with you.

The best way to avoid such ill fortune is to check product reviews before purchasing a product. Customer reviews will provide good insight for you to choose the right products. Products that have no reviews are best left out. That’s coming from a pro-consumer by the way.

Look for reviews from unbiased sources and check the overall validity before you order something. Lucky for you Nirvana is a well-established brand and you can skip some process. What you do have to care about is the quality of the product compared to other available ones.

So, here’s a check-list to choose the best Nirvana futons-

  • A futon that has a good build quality
  • A size that fits its purpose and works for you
  • A design that suits your personal preference
  • A structure that can be folded or stored easily
  • A futon with premium materials for its frame and paddings 
  • A futon that’s comfortable enough to be used as a bed

There are some other minor elements too, like the capability of a futon to convert into a bed with ease. Nirvana established itself already by providing great quality products. Their products like the futons are crafted with extra care and flexibility. They are known to use premium grade materials in their futons and the durability of their products speaks for themselves.

Having both wooden and metal futons in their disposal, Nirvana serves its purpose of being a multiple-choice provider for their customers. They also use vibrant colors to make their products pop which is a plus point.

Best Nirvana Futons Review

As we review these futons we will look into various aspects.

  • The Reliability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability &
  • Feasibility

will play a big role in our decision-making process as they should. The ones with the best futon frames don’t mean that they are the best futon. It means that the futon has good durability without accounting for the other factors that make a futon great.

Now, let’s start the actual review.

Nirvana Futons Westfield Wood Futon Frame – Full Size

A classic frame that converts to a bed. It has a strong look that compliments a wood-based home design. It also works well for other home aesthetics because of being a polished wood with a strong geometry. There are two sizes, the full-sized version and the queen-sized version of the futon. You can use this as a lounger or a sofa in addition to a bed.

  • Only Futon Frame. No mattress or pillow
  • Very solid heavy-duty wood frame
  • Converts to a Queen-sized bed
  • Multi-positional easy conversion
  • Dimensions for Full Sofa: W81″ x D32″ x H33.5″
  • Dimensions for Full Bed: W81″ x D54″ x H24.75″
  • Weight Limit: 500 lbs

Design: The design is a portrayal of a strong geometrical shape. Somewhat boxy that is complemented with some of its curvatures. The classic look is achieved through the strong boxy stylistic of the futon. It looks and feels premium to the touch. It’s fantastic for helping you achieve a glamorous look for your home.

Benefits: It serves multiple purposes. You get a bed and a sofa as well as a lounger for the price of a single couch. While it’s in its default state it will take the mask of a usual good-looking couch as any traditional couch would do and if needed it can conveniently turn into a bed.

It has great reliability and durability which intrigues long term users and the look is timeless which adds to its usability in different setups.

Opinion: We have already discovered its benefits and design philosophy. The concern which requires addressing is its viability of being different things without losing the ability to revert. The addressing of great convertibility. The customer review, in this case, is immensely positive which is an expected outcome of a product that has been stress tested for possible concerns. It’s a great pick for anyone wanting to buy a futon.

Nirvana Futons Eastridge Futon Set – Queen Size

Unlike the Westfield Wood Futon, this one comes with a mattress. The pillows are not included and need to be bought separately. It’s very similar to Westfield Wood futon in many ways. The look portrays similarities and the materials are also close in quality. Both have wooden frames but of different types. Very close in terms of overall quality.

  • Includes a complete set of a futon that includes a mattress
  • Hardwood frame
  • Includes arm prop up
  • Has a microfiber tufted cover in the futon mattress
  • Converts to a queen-size sleeper
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Dimensions- 86″-101″W x 32″D x 36″H
  • Arm height-23.25″
  • Weight Limit- 500 lbs

Design: The design is classic like the previous one. There are subtle differences like the curvatures of the handle is non-existent, instead, they chose a straight handle making the aesthetic much boxier than the Westfield design. It’s pretty low prolific and fits in different settings.

Benefits: The design of the handle lets you put different objects above it. It has a straight linear design that allows for safely putting objects without having to care about the slippage. It also serves multiple purposes like the previous one and can be turned into a bed with convenience. However, the main difference is its inclusion of a mattress that the previous one didn’t have. According to your needs, this might be a better pick if you do not want to buy a mattress separately.

Opinion: Solid build, comfortable and good design makes for an easy buy. The pillows are not included which is a bit of a bummer but the price is very decent and the included mattress has a great finish. It also has two sizes this being the queen-sized, the other one is the full-sized version. One of the best queen size futons.

Nirvana Futons Arden Futon Frame – Full Size, Solid Hardwood

This futon has a touch of casualness to it. It’s very simple and minimalistic. It’s very fitting for outside use and can be used indoors as well without looking out of place. It works great in your balcony as well. The frame is well crafted and durable despite its look. It has no armrest and conveys an open design.

  • Full Hardwood heavy-duty frame
  • Includes Frame only
  • Sofa sitting height
  • Heritage finish
  • Eco-friendly
  • Full Sofa Dimensions: 75.5″W x 32″D x 33.5″H
  • Full Bed Dimensions: 75.5″W x 54″D x 21.25″H
  • Weight Limit: 500lbs

Design: The design is very linear. It doesn’t include any armrest and lacks some additional features of the previous futons. It does convert flawlessly into three positions. The color used isn’t the best for formal use, like office settings, but works great for homes of different designs and outside setups.

Benefits: Simplicity and weightlessness are the main aspects of this futon. While being pretty light and having an uncrowded aesthetic with the minimal framework it has a very low profile while helps it blend in with different design choices.

Opinion: Compared to other futons in this list, the Arden frame is not as expressive as the others, hence a low-profile because of its color. It lacks some features and the look isn’t as interesting but interesting is not a look many people aim for. If you are into simple designs and want a low-profile futon that fits well in your home and works as a balcony futon then you can opt for this one.

Nirvana Futons Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Frame and Microfiber Khaki Mattress Set

This futon has many things going for it. It’s a heavy-duty futon with drawers and an included mattress. It has a prominent look and strong aesthetic. This futon was made to stand out with its ship-like design. It’s like a pirate ship with armrests that flap out for extra space for putting coffee cups or teacups.

It’s glamorous, classical and beautiful to look at. It has incredible craftsmanship and takes the helm every time. A work of art and an artistic piece made with an incredible mind. It has Multi-stage finishing which puts the cherry on top for a product like this. There are no flaws to be found.

  • Full futon set
  • Hardwood futon frame
  • Heritage finish
  • Multi-layer mattress
  • Tufted with natural solid twill
  • Includes mattress, futon drawer storage, and armrest
  • Sofa Dimension- 96″W x 37″D x 33.5″H
  • Bed Dimension- 96″W x 54″D x 23.25″H
  • Weight Limit- 600 lbs

Design: One of the best designs for a Heavy-duty futon. It’s strong from the core. It has a very high-profile making it stand out in all environments. It is more of a statement piece. It hardly looks anything like a futon. It’s like one of those luxurious couches you can get. The fact that it’s convertible is surprising and the overall design is both unique and simple because of its flaps and drawers. When closed it looks like a classic piece of furniture but when the flaps are open it portrays a ship-like aesthetic.

Benefits: Extra flaps for extra space and added drawers for convenience. The 8″ thick futon mattress feels premium and the multi-layer of poly and cotton gives it great comfortability. The four layers of foam of high-density adds to that aspect while the frame asserts a dominant look and an assortment of taste.

Opinion: This one stands out and is a personal favorite of mine. Do you have a preference for things that stand out and make their statements? It’s a perfect choice. Even if you are not into that this futon is one of the best among the best. It has the most useful features, gives you all the advantages of a bed, a futon, and a couch while looking great at doing so. It grabs attention and acts as a conversation starter.

Brentwood Tray Arm Full Size Wood Futon Frame and Storage Drawers

Same as the previous one. It’s an identical twin missing a mattress and a pillow. The same thing goes for this futon like the previous one. An artistic sophisticated design offering a choice of mattress and pillow set as per taste. Includes the same type of armrest and trays that flaps in and out for convenience with inclusion of drawers.

  • Full Hardwood frame
  • Includes frame and futon drawers, no mattress or pillow included
  • Has a seating height of a Sofa
  • Heritage finish
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sofa Dimensions: 81″-96″W x 37″D x 33.5″H
  • Bed Dimensions: 81″-96″W x 54″D x 23.25″H
  • Weight Limit- 600 lbs

Design: Same as before. The frame design to the drawers and flap trays, all identical to its previous kin. Comes in two sizes- Kind size and queen size. The heritage finish is done by expert artisans and the square geometrical shape adds extra durability.

Benefits: Extra drawers, armrest, trays that open and close like flaps and the choice of mattress selection. If you are someone who owns a previous set of a fitting mattress or have a preferred type of mattress, this is an alternative to the previous futon.

Opinion: As stated earlier. Quote “This one stands out and is a personal favorite of mine. It has the most useful features, gives you all the advantages of a bed, a futon, and a couch while looking great at doing so.”

Nirvana Futons Arden White Futon Set Full or Queen Size – Armless Wood

The futon receives a great impression because of its contrasting frame color and mattress hue. The futon frame is wooden with a premium white frame paint that complements the navy-blue mattress. It easily fits in smaller places and the multi-layering of the mattress makes it very comfortable. The sofa sitting height avails the futon to function exactly like a normal couch.

  • Heavy-duty solid wood frame
  • Attachment of solid twill/microfiber-covered futon mattress
  • Full futon set. Includes mattress and frame
  • Armless
  • Eco-friendly
  • Full-size Sofa Dimensions- 76″W x 32″D x 33.5″H
  • Full-size Bed Dimensions- 76″W x 54″D x 21.25″H
  • Weight Limit- 500 lbs

Design: Modern design and good suitability. Great for office settings and home settings. Due to the size factor of this futon, you can set this up on your balcony. It has no armrest and the design is very open and low-profile. The mattress is designed multi-layers of poly-cotton and high-density foam. The micro fibered mattress prevents lumping and shifting.

Benefit: Space-saving, light-weight and versatile. Blends in with the rest of the environment and the assembly are easy. Converting to different state requires minimum effort.

Opinion: The couch looks simple but the attention to detail makes it look premium and stylistic. The subtle form provides a good stance and the futon has an amazing color contrast. The combination of bright white and navy blue works well with this one. A valid choice.

Nirvana Futons Rustic Tahoe Log Futon Sofabed Set

The allure of this futon is its beautiful craftsmanship. Mostly plain, this futon has different spherical shapes complimenting it. The armrest is also spherical and the depth of the spheres allows for better durability. This futon resembles a natural vibe. The design reminds you of a tree and a wooden classical vacation home. It’s a relaxed aesthetic that blends with any setup. The rustic Tahoe log is a fitting inclusion for this futon as the mattress mixes with the frame outputting an amazing display.

  • Solid hardwood frame
  • Complete set including futon frame and futon mattress
  • Heritage finish
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Sofa sitting height
  • Sofa Dimensions- 86″W x 37″D x 36″H
  • Bed Dimensions- 86″W x 60″D x 24.25″H
  • Weight Limit- 600 lbs

Design: Sturdy, a plain and spherical frame coupled with premium tufted solid twill. Consistently converts into different positions and retains its stylistic elements. 8″ thick futon mattress supplies a good comfort and the high density allows for a premium feel. The seat and the back decks have extra finishing to appeal better.

Benefit: Lasts longer than the basic futons. The sturdy frame and durable design add extra support for long-term reliability.

Opinion: The futon works well in a home setup with other wooden furniture. This is not the best futon for formal use but one of the best home suited ones. It’s very reliable and long-lasting while the overall expression is very rich.

Nirvana Futons Arden White Futon Frame with Storage Drawers

Do you have a small apartment and smaller places? This armless white Arden futon can be a great fit for you. The design is simple and it has drawers that can be convenient for you. The uncluttered lines will be the perfect foundation for your decoration needs. The armless design will maximize bed size so taller people won’t bump into them when they are trying to sleep.

  • Heavy-duty solid wood frame
  • Includes drawers and frames. No mattress or pillows
  • Long-lasting white frame color
  • Sofa sitting height
  • Full Bed Dimensions- 76″W x 54″D x 21.25″H
  • Full Sofa Dimensions- 76″W x 32″D x 33.5″H
  • Weight Limit- 500 lbs

Design: The design is very simplistic with no armrest and no side borders. It works better as a bed due to its unrestrictive craft. The drawers work as extra pillars for durability while being practical.

Benefit: Great for small apartments or small spaces. No restrictions allow for taller people to sleep more comfortably. No mattress inclusion favors those who already own a mattress and a set of pillows. People with different reference towards mattresses are also favored as including no mattress or pillow allows for a cheaper price.

Opinion: One of the best futons for everyday sleeping. Since you can buy the mattress and the mattress cover you want, including a great sleeping mattress and you will be able to substitute this for a good night bed or a day bed.

Final Words

This concludes our Nirvana Futons Review. Each of the futons listed above is carefully curated to specify the very best in each of their respective classes. Some come with a mattress and some come without. Depending on what kind of customer you are, one will be more beneficial to you than the other. Try to select the best futon cover if you are buying it separately. It adds to the overall comfortability and the quality of the mattress. Keep an eye out for the futon dimensions and their respective weight limit.

We hope you found this review helpful.