Top DHP Futon and Mattress Review of 2021

Updated On: March 28, 2021

When choosing a futon, you want one that will cater to your taste and need. Purchase one that’s reliable, easy to maintain and lasts for a decent period. The marketplace has no shortage of futon brands that shower you with promises. How do you choose a futon from a brand that you can deem trustworthy?

It’s not that easy but not that hard either if you know where to look and how to look. Targeting a brand that has a good track record with its customers is a good method. You start by checking the customer reviews and their complaints. You will gather informative details very fast. We will do DHP futon reviews in this article and later move onto the DHP futon mattress review. 

DHP Futon and Mattress Reviews

DHP as a brand has established its positive aura in the marketplace as a top contender for making furniture for small living spaces. Crafting futons that fit perfectly in a small apartment without compromising on the style and design is a huge thumbs up. Whether you need the best futon for everyday sleeping or just the best futon frame, DHP has you covered with their wide range of options. According to the product model and targeted audience, their pricing deserves admiration. DHP products like Emily Convertible, lodge Convertible, Aria Tufted Faux Leather and Aiden Metal Frame Futon have made their mark in the market. For futon mattress, DHP 8-inch Full size has amassed good feedback. These are considered to be the best in the market that’s why we will be reviewing them.

Let’s begin with the review.

Best DHP Futon Reviews

The best DHP futons have common grounds in different aspects. You might be guessing about the possible things that make a futon stand out from the rest of the competition. Well, let’s see how accurate your guess is. The best DHP futons are portable, easy to maintain and provide you with quality sleep while lasting for a decent period. Simple.

Let’s begin with the review without any more delays.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon Review

An ideal futon for your home or your office. It fits both scenarios flawlessly. The modern look adds to its office compatibility and the stylish construction makes it suitable for the home. DHP appliances excel at their space efficiency. It’s their motto. DHP Emily futon couch bed takes that margin one notch higher. Fan of dark colors? 

It comes in black color.

  • Rounded edges
  • Sleek outline
  • Can be used as a sofa or a bed
  • Fits in with offices as well as homes
  • Modern Stylish look
  • Can be adjusted it to lounging position to watch movies
  • Dimensions: 71 x 34 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds

Design- It has an extremely stylistic design with rounded edges and a sleek look. It also has tufting. The legs are beautifully chrome plated which goes great with the color choice. It can be turned into a couch to save space. You can position it into a lounging position when watching a movie or drinking coffee.

Benefits- Saves you space and money. You don’t have to buy a separate sofa and a bed. You can use it in an office setting or at home. It has great portability that allows you to move it much easier. The assembly is easy, requiring less time and energy. The weight is pretty low and the bearing capacity is much higher in comparison.

Opinion- Emily convertible is a tough opponent to knock-off if you are a futon. From the design point to its practicality, the lackings are close to non-existent. It’s a solid choice, one you cannot go wrong with. However, the design choice is a subjective matter that depends heavily on the taste of the buyer. The design looks great to you and you need a DHP futon? By all means, go for Emily convertible.

DHP Lodge Convertible Futon Couch Bed

This product like the previous one (Emily Convertible Futon Review) is another gem of a futon. It’s an easy buy for many because of its price and beautiful look. Suitable for your home and office. If you have a small space to occupy with something then this is a good choice. Need something for an awkward free space in your apartment? This futon fits right in. You can choose to use it for occasional use or daily use depending on your situation.

  • Resistance to wrinkles
  • Has extra paddings on the seat
  • Has a Multi-positioned back support
  • Relaxed aesthetic
  • Easy to convert and clean
  • Simple but unique design
  • Dimensions: 66.5 x 33 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 51 pounds

Design- Has a simple design but a sophisticated look. Designed to save space and fit in smaller places. Comes in black color with black stands. It has a low-profile aesthetic and fits anywhere you put it without standing out or being awkward.

Benefits- Very space-efficient. The price is much cheaper but the product manages to hold its own against the more expensive futons. The sleek look makes it suitable for any purpose. The maintenance is very easy and converting the futon to a bed or sofa requires minimum effort.

Opinion- If you are struggling with space accommodation then this one is the right choice because of its design and size factor. It’s on the cheaper side and the build isn’t the greatest. It gets the job done while holding its own. It’s a bang for the buck and expecting unrealistic results isn’t very fare. It does not mean that it will not last as long. The product itself is very sturdy just not as sturdy as its bigger brothers. It’s built for the price.

DHP Aria Tufted Faux Leather Futon

DHP Aria is under noticed by many because of having similar functionalities with its brothers. Some people decide to part with this one due to its design characteristics. It has more or less the same durability and comfortability as Emily Convertible.

  • Tufted leather covering
  • Wooden durable frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easily convertible
  • Dimensions: 69 x 32 x 29 inches
  • Weight: 70 pounds

Design- The exterior which is tufted faux leather distinguishes this futon from the traditional upholstered futons. The small but noticeable features add extra depth and visual textures to the futon. The mantra of this futon isn’t necessarily to blend with the environment. It’s a bold design with a complementing color. Unlike other convertibles in the list, Aria has a wooden frame. The wooden husk fits effortlessly in corners and limited spaces.

Benefits- The classic wooden frame adds a good amount of sturdiness and durability. Like its other kin, assembly is easy, maintenance and cleaning require less hassle. Fits in small living space and converts into a bed or a sofa.

Opinion- The previous 2 have a lot in common with this product. One of the reasons you might consider this over the other two is its design aspect. The color is white and the frame is made of wood. Depending on your apartment’s decoration this might fit better with the overall look.

DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame

If you need a futon frame without any preinstalled paddings Aiden metal frame is one of the top choices you can consider. One of the most durable frames out there while being the most durable out of the 4 futons we Included in the review.

  • Added retainer clip to prevent slippage of mattress
  • Low seating design
  • Full metal frame
  • 3 in 1 convertible
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Dimensions: 36 x 76.5 x 29 inches
  • Weight: 43.5 pounds

Design-  A husk of durable metal. The design is minimalistic and allows for maximum customization.

Benefits- You can choose your mattress without having to pay for a preinstalled mattress that you do not prefer. A standard size screwdriver is all that you need to take the whole thing apart like pieces of Legos.

Opinion- This product targets a niche audience who are looking for something specific. It’s also for people who like modular designs in their futon. If you are someone who recently invested an unhealthy sum on a futon mattress then you fit in the targeted niche. The futon itself is very decent and you do not have to be a part of a niche to consider getting one.

Best DHP Mattress Review

Enough about the futons. Let’s move onto a futon mattress that you can pair with a futon. We will review our favorite one so far.

DDHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

If you are prone to allergies and get triggered by different substances then this mattress will be a blessing in your life. The microfibers in the mattress resist allergens. For someone like me, I find this super helpful as I suffer from different allergies. This is probably the best futon mattress for sleeping.

  • Resists allergens
  • Memory foam
  • Independent 18 encased gauge coils
  • Designed with high-quality foam layers
  • Added polyester for comfort
  • Fabric made of microfibers
  • Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds

Design- It’54inches deep with a width of 75inches. It’s vastly compatible with a plethora of futons. The foam and polyester layering present between cover to cover provides optimal comfort. It has a lavish tufted cover made of microfiber. It’s thick, plush and firm while being attractive and trendy.

Benefits- Resistant to allergens saving you from allergy triggers. The mattress is thick with memory foam that increases in comfortability with time. Easily storable and folds easily to carry in your car trunk.

Opinion- If you shift your position often you may hear the coil noise. Some people will find this a little unsettling. Before you buy this make sure you have a sturdy frame to put this on. A wooden frame will work well. Out of the many mattresses we have tested this one seems to have one of the best balances.

How to Make a DHP Futon Bed Comfortable

Futon beds are not as comfortable as many of the luxurious beds you know. It’s a given. Choosing a comfortable enough futon bed is crucial. If you are losing sleep for sleeping in an uncomfortable futon then you are digging your own grave. Lack of sleep is associated with different diseases. It increases risk factors of getting different diseases and lowering your life expectancy. You can’t compound your sleep like your bank.

You lose a day of sleep? You lose if forever. There’s no regaining it because the trauma or harm it causes your brain is unrecoverable through extra sleep the following day. The damage does tend to repair itself with time but a serious lack of sleep can cause permanent damage. If your futon is too uncomfortable then swap it out and then follow along with the tips. That being said if you want to increase the comfortability of your futon bed, here’s what you can do. 

Include a topper

Normally you would add a mattress topper to most mattresses, why not consider adding one to your futon? This will make the futon much more comfortable. Check out toppers that are made off of luxurious memory foams. They are a bit expensive though.

You can add the topper inside the cover or as a later on top of your futon mattress.

Add media

Sometimes it is better to admit things from below than from above. Many futon mattresses do not need any additional paddings or toppers. All they need is bottom support, and that includes futon beds. Some mattresses are not made to be used alone; they need external support to be usable. However, only a few people know this, and now you are one of them. You can add wooden bed slats to increase the firmness of the mattress and avoid sagging in the middle or around the edges.

Attach a featherbed

A feather bed is just as wonderful for sleeping as anything else. If you’re European, there is a strong tendency to be the type of person who loves feathers. A featherbed is divided into sections to prevent the lower part from moving from side to side. All you have to do is place it between the futon and you’re good to go. It will add a thin layer of softness and warmth to your body, especially when using it with a futon.

Add an air mattress

Most futon beds are only one foot or less from the floor, and some people find it hard to sit too low. To help your guests who need a more comfortable futon experience, consider placing an air mattress on your futon. This jumpsuit can provide a double dose of comfort and support, in addition to adding a little more height. Look for an air mattress that fits your futon perfectly and opt for a model that automatically inflates and deflates to keep your room tasks easy. 

You should know by now that there are multiple ways to go and make your futon more comfortable. There are no generalized tips when it comes to futon comfortability. Buying a good futon and a futon mattress will help your cause and most decent futons are pretty comfortable out of the bag. If you are still looking for additional tips to improve the comfortability of your futon watch the video below.

Credit: HowCast

Final Words

The futons from DHP especially the convertible ones are designed in such a way so that it can be used for different situations. If you have guests visiting often or anything of that sort then instead of wasting extra money on a pretty expensive bed, opt for a convertible futon. More often then not, we end up with a low accommodation area for fitting a bed and a DHP futon is one possible solution to that problem.

If you are sleeping in a futon bed make it as comfortable as possible and make sure you are not getting sleep deprived due to its comfortability factor. We have discussed the importance of sleep beforehand and how the lack of it can cause issues for your physical and mental health.

A futon bed should not be too soft. Having too soft of a futon bed can cause you to bend downwards when you are sleeping. Having a bad posture at sleep causes backbone pain and other joint pain. Be extra careful of your choice if you are an aging gentleman. If you don’t intend to sleep in it and expect your friends or peers to lie there you should still think of their wellbeing and consider straying away from poor futon beds that cause problems when used for a decent while.